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This newsletter acts as a catalyst for taking action and understanding current events. We live in remarkable times and it is my intention to take part in the great transformational pulse of our times.

Posting of news, articles and new ideas occur at least every 2 months and sometimes more often. The question of the month could include astrology, but also herbs, intuition, meditation, animals - you name it.

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April 20 to 25, 2009
(Rocky Mountain Time)


“The fault is not in the stars – but in ourselves” - Shakespeare

This calendar is providing highlights of each week mentioning important Moon events and the planetary influences for the week.  Sometimes the planetary influences are felt for several days and so here is a brief summary for each week..  

  Note that during the time of this calendar we have one super moon and several retrograde planets including Pluto, Mercury, Neptune, and at the end of this calendar Jupiter goes Retrograde.

This time of the year feels exciting but full of change and the unexpected. I recommend that you remember to stay calm.

Week of

April 20 - 25  

      This week starts out with beauty, love and friendship as themes with Venus conjunct Mars and the Moon. The New Moon is on the 25th at 5 degrees Taurus and continues the theme of enjoying nature and friendships. No wonder I couldn’t get to the writing of this newsletter – I was too busy in the garden.

Week of Apr 26 to May 2

      This week will have themes of feeling busy. First there will be the buzzing of new ideas, and then there could be the rushing to do new activities. With the Moon at Perigee on Apr 28 you might need to hold back from becoming too busy but do enjoy the EARTH.

Week of May 3 to 9  

This week holds themes of feeling excited. Perhaps it is because the high energy is creating high volume of arguments. But romance is still a good possibility.

With Mercury at Retrograde on the 7th I recommend pacing your activities and making time for meditation. Then when the FULL MOON happens on the 9th you can help others with their worries. Keep out of trouble and deep waters.

Week of May 10 to 16

         This week provides us with many opportunities to improve our attitudes. The Moon is at Apogee on the 14th and this could add stress to relationships and finding time for everything. However, with the conjunction of Neptune and Jupiter keep the octaves of this energy singing in your soul. Stand back and take a look through clear glasses. Those rose-colored glasses are a great temptation though.

Week of May 17 to 23      

Saturn is stationary Direct on the 17th. This week starts out with trines and enjoyment of the arts. Watch out for egomania though. The tension could build around control, government, etc.

Week of May 24 to 30

This week starts with many possible spontaneous expressions. The New Moon is on the 24th at 3 degrees Gemini while the Moon is at Perigee on the 26th. On the 27th we have the exact conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune. Then on the 29th Neptune goes Retrograde. So, if you are planning an event this week you can anticipate it to be a little wild. It could be the best week for sports, intellectual development, and stock market could go way up and then down. All bodies of water could be affected. Stay centered and put focus on something that involves the development of creative ideas.        

Week of May 31 to Jun 6

This week starts out with Mercury going Direct on the 31st (actually the 30th here in US.) but don’t think mistakes can’t happen. Keep calm and disciplined but strong and assertive this week. Themes of arguments and / or changes are likely. 

Week of Jun 7 to 13

This week has the energy of a “Super Moon” with the FULL MOON on the 9th and the Moon at Apogee on 10th so once again take care around deep waters as in emotions. This week has the theme of transformation but with a Scorpio Full Moon it could also be about death and abuse.

Week of Jun 14 to 21

Themes for this week appear to be about making changes with friendships, athletics, economy and the landscape. Jupiter goes retrograde on the 15th providing a time to review spending and how to be generous with family and community. Enjoy nature.



have a tendency to write history – example: a partial solar eclipse was visible in April 2005 in New Orleans.

The Lunar apogee is similar to a waning Moon phase when the energy is contracting and the Moon is farthest from the earth. People tend to feel more anxious with this phase because they are aware that there is less and less time to get things done. Also, they could feel that there isn’t time for love. This is a stressful time.

The Lunar perigee is similar to a waxing or building Moon phase and the Moon is closest to the earth.Although this could produce moodiness it also can produce creativity and love.

** Super Moons are when the Moon is full or new and at the same time at perigee or apogee. The 24 hours within this cycle can affect tidal influences such as tsunamis.

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