Welcome to AstroInfinity with Sandy Subotnick

(Written in June 2005)

Welcome to my home page where you can make choices to explore your very special nature and purpose in life. Or, perhaps, you just want to sit and reflect for a moment on the quiet meditation pages. Or, perhaps, you would like to know more about possible relocation and travel? Or, perhaps you would like your children to have a place to explore their intuition and their creativity?. Or, perhaps, you would like to explore ways to improve relationships with your pet, family, etc.

Traveling from one spot to another stirs a change in thoughts and responses.

Astroinfinity is about movement. It is about the movement of each moment. It is not just about astrology and metaphors or one personality. It is intended to explore the vast dimension of collective consciousness, as well as the consciousness of individuals. We are all interconnected by our consciousness.

Astroinfinity emerged as an idea and an ideal many years ago. In fact, I have always used the logo of an infinity sign because I have always felt that we are all constantly in motion. Change is natural. Let it happen.

The greatest journey to the beyond begins with the study of self. Going beyond into the realms of infinity are possible - if only for a moment - once there is nothing holding you back.AAstrology is a tool for guiding you into the free space of choices. Ideally, I will act as a guide to interpret your astrology or read your energy intuitively. Once you have an awareness and understanding of what holds you back from feeling free to make choices, the rest is up to you... To learn more about the mandala and the navigational tool used on sidebar, please visit the about Astroinfinity page. Enjoy your visit!

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