Sandy Subotnick

        Sandy Subotnick is an intuitive clairvoyant who has been working professionally with the language of the subconscious since 1974. Prior to that time, Sandy had many dreams, uncanny experiences and beneficial talks with animals. 
She thought she was very different than the rest of her family and they still think so. She had more than one close to death experience (first one: drowned at 18 months) and you don't want to get her talking about that unless you are prepared to listen to a "shortened" version of her ideas on the subject.
          Sandy Subotnick is an active all around astrologer who was certified in 1991 by the late Jim Lewis to interpret Astro*Carto*Graphy. Sandy has a great passion for location astrology and is widely known for her insightful guidance in this valid branch of astrology. 
          All of her work is focused on personal awareness and transformation. Because she has a background in various healing arts, Early Childhood Psychology, Jungian Psychology, Chinese Medicine and Buddhism she may offer suggestions to live beyond the astrology as well as provide insightful information.
           Some highlights of her career in the past 30 years are as follows: she taught 2 seminars about the Tarot for the Society of Jungian Studies at Brunswick College, Maine. She enjoyed speaking on the subject of the "Language of the Subconscious" for the Noetic Society. She designed and taught classes on the Tarot, Meditation and Mandala Art for Transformation for the University of Maine at Augusta and Orono. She has designed and developed a course on Intuitive Development called "Tools for the 21st Century." Then, there is the original and fun class called "5th House Party" that combines metaphysical symbolic information with astrology and the psychology of play.
            Sandy has a BA in Early Childhood Education and has taught music and directed Early Childhood programs. She continues to have a few piano students to keep music and children in her life.

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