Descendant: Relationships

Astrology is depicted like a mandala with its 360-degree circle. In the center is home or "OM". Here is an invisible spot that acts as a unification of the whole individual or perhaps, the soul. The four directions of East, South, West, and North act as gateways to the whole individual. 

The Descendant Angle is the West gateway and leads the soul toward reflection, imagination and healing. This is the time of sunset.  It is thus, about endings. At first there is a glow of red and joy with an emphasis of love. When living with this Angle as an emphasis the soul will grow with relationships. Pleasure is derived from listening, seeing and intimacy.

From this angle an individual experiences the consciousness of others. There is passion from this angle. The nature of this passion can arouse creative or healing expression. However, sometimes this very passion can elevate the potential experience of becoming attached to others for enjoyment. A common experience of the West is to see life through the eyes and stories of others. On the other hand, this angle has the power to exemplify the ability to discern the uniqueness and distinctive characteristics of every phenomenon. 

The power of this gateway is not separate from the power of the whole. However, in location astrology, statistics have shown that famous and very public people have strong planetary influences at each of the angles. This angle is considered weaker than the Midheaven or Ascendant but there are known public personalities born with this emphasis (such as Bob Dylan and Katherine Hepburn with MERCURY DSC or Debbie Reynolds with MARS DSC, or Carl Sagan and Mozart with VENUS DSC). 

Each planetary influence has its own nature. MERCURY at the Descendant, for example, tends to empower singers, writers and people known for their distinctive style of speech.

Attachment to one planet and or angle is not the goal of location astrology. Instead, the goal is to become aware of personal potential. Location Astrology is a way to reach personal goals and awareness. With that awareness the greater cultivation and development of personal power and potential is then realized. Thus, to activate one part of the whole is to bring balance and accord with the whole. All mandala work is the work of a weaver and a synthesis of the whole. 

May the joy of love within each community and relationship multiply into a global party of compassion and discernment.

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