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Astrology is depicted like a mandala with its 360 degree circle. In the center
         is home or "OM". Here is an invisible spot that acts as a unification of the
         whole individual or perhaps, the soul. The four directions of East, South,
         West, and North act as gateways to other manifestations of the individual.
 The IC Angle is the North gateway and leads the soul toward inner
          pathways of the soul. At this gateway we become contemplative, explorative
          about mental and emotional responses. Often, this part of the mandala is
           pointing to home, spiritual roots and connection with family. This is the part
           of the mandala that teaches about self identity through relationships with
           love. This point on the mandala encourages research and meditative
    From this angle there is experience of what is the deepest potential for
             revelation and understanding of what came before. The inner life is
             emphasized. Thus, this is not about a public or group institutions, and
              instead, this is about solitude and perhaps, ritual. 
   The power of this gateway is not separate from the power of the whole.
                However, in location astrology, statistics have shown that famous and very public people have strong planetary influences at this angle. Each planetary influence has its own nature. Thus, a MOON at the IC could be about a writer, counselor or a healer. MARS at the IC could be a nutritionist, martial artist, or perhaps a mountain man who builds his own house. 
                Attachment to one planet and or angle is not the goal of location astrology. Instead, the goal of Astrology is to become aware of personal
  potential. Location Astrology is a way to improve sensitivity and awareness.
                  With that awareness the greater cultivation and development of personal power and potential is then realized. Thus, to activate one part of the whole is to bring balance and accord with the whole. All mandala work is the work of a weaver and a synthesis of the whole.

             May we all explore the quiet and stillness of our hearts and minds to respond with unity and truth for the greater good of humanity. 

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