Ascendant: Beginnings

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      Astrology is depicted like a mandala with its 360 degree circle. In the center is home or "OM". Here is an invisible spot that acts as a unification of the whole individual or perhaps, the soul. The four directions of East, South, West, and North act as gateways to the whole individual.  

      The Ascendant Angle is the East gateway and leads the soul toward creation. This is the time of sunrise and is also called the "rising sign" position.  It is thus about beginnings. This is the time of first light of the day. It is a relief from the darkness. This is a time to take strength from the night. Whether there was a struggle in the night or a peaceful sleep, there is hope and enthusiasm that a new day is beginning. When living with this Angle as an emphasis the soul will grow with taking initiative and stepping forward. Pleasure is derived from action, making a contribution to society and doing things autonomously. Emphasis is about following a mission with dedication.

       From this angle an individual experiences a deep understanding of ego development based on a study of early life and memories that may include antiquity. From this angle an individual may tap into personal power and also a connection with the collective unconscious. There is the potential adventure of doing something new from this angle. This is the part of the whole that takes delight in designing or planning.

        A common experience of the East is to understand how spiritual and practical life is really melted together as one. There is a concern for awakening society with messages at this angle. However, this is also the part of the whole that works well alone.

       The power of this gateway is not separate from the power of the whole. However, in location astrology, statistics have shown that famous and very public people have strong planetary influences at each of the angles. This angle is considered to the best location for creative ventures. People who live on their SUN Ascendant zones, for instance, tend to receive awards, honors and prizes for their contribution to society.

      Attachment to one planet and or angle is not the goal of location astrology. Instead, the goal is to become aware of personal potential. Location Astrology is a way to reach personal goals and awareness. With that awareness the greater cultivation and development of personal power and potential is then realized. Thus, to activate one part of the whole is to bring balance and accord with the whole. All mandala work is the work of a weaver and a synthesis of the whole.  

       May each of us tap into the dawning of purpose and usefulness for the greater good of planet Earth. May each of us be like tiny wise and compassionate pebbles in the great stream of life. 

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