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The Feminine Side- Asteroid and Cultural Archetypal Influences

Final Installment of the Feminine Perspective and Cultural Archetypal Potential in Uranian Astrology

Change is evident in climate and human consciousness – but also -
            Upcoming astrological themes are not just about Pluto - A brief look at Uranus opposing Saturn
- by Sandy Subotnick

Beginning in September 2008 transiting Saturn will be opposing transiting Uranus until September 2010. There will be a few months when the opposition subsides but overall themes of the old versus the new will be prominent. It could be about fury and reactionary anger opposed to rules and structure. Earthquakes could be more plentiful – especially where there is water involved. Structures could collapse in muddy areas.

Astrologers (often represented by Uranus) are feeling that they will be questioned about the scientific basis (Saturn) of their concepts. They are seeking ways to demonstrate that Astrology is not an entertainment item or a fortune telling hype.Watch for more scientific models used with Astrology.

Religious leaders are likely to be questioned of their ethics (good old Saturn), while Educators will be caught in conflict and debates about the best direction to take to better prepare students for the future. Perhaps, media (again Uranus at play) will be acting as a catalyst for change more than usual and pushed back by those who control the paychecks (Saturn). So, will we see more independent media commentary? Perhaps the technology of the Digital TV will become an issue in disadvantaged communities.

Finally, the combination of Uranus and Saturn often is in the world of manufactured products. During these two years look for change with those who invent new lines of manufactured goods. Perhaps, the radio wave model to fight cancer will begin to work with human subjects.

Oppositions are not something to fear or have anxiety about, even though they do create tension and conflict. The higher octave of an opposition is the opportunity for debating and listening to all sides of a question. If we could use the Gemini model of gathering information, researching and measuring results we could find improvements in most areas of our lives. So, the Saturn model of organizing, editing and perfecting is opposed to the “new age” consciousness that wants change now.

Perhaps, these two planetary influences at opposition are basically mirroring where we are at in the evolution of our consciousness. Astrologically speaking, it is time (Saturn’s concern) to find ways to honor both sides of the polarity.

Creation of the new and making changes must have some foundation in what is real and that’s all that Saturn wants us to accomplish, even though it could feel like going backwards. OK, sometimes, the backward view will over-power the forward look. That will feel like repression and regression. Hopefully we all will prepare for this opposition with awareness and responsibility so that change will develop for the best of all.

The signs of Virgo (Saturn) and Pisces (Uranus) will signal how society works with this opposition. The elements of earth and water do suggest muddy thinking or muddy problems. When you happen to think of it – try sprinkling some light sand and gravel into any problem to solve. It might help stepping beyond the mud into a compassionate (Pisces) place of social justice (Virgo) for all. Beware of vanity (Virgo) and despair (Pisces); reach for achievement and clarity.

TURNING 50 or 51?
It’s time for your Chiron Return (written as an answer to a recent “question of the month”)

Western Astrology utilizes everything that we see in the skies above us – from planetoids, asteroids to fixed stars. Thus, as we discover a new planet or asteroid or possible mass that has a set orb around the Sun, we name the object and then chart it for our continuing evolving consciousness. The adage that everything out there is in here is exemplified by this practice. In fact, it is customary for Western Astrologers to look into the mythological character of any new planet and weave that into personal astrology’s.

Chiron is a comet but was thought to be a small planet or planetoid up until 1990 when scientists realized its atmosphere of gas and dust made it a comet – albeit the largest comet in our solar system.

It was officially discovered on November 1, 1977. The myth of Chiron is commonly named the “wounded healer” but it is more than that. In fact, according to the Greek story, Chiron was the chief of the Centaurs and was the mentor and teacher of a long line of heroes and gods. Chiron taught astrology, medical and healing arts as well as martial arts and the fine arts to all the offspring of Zeus. That means that Jupiter and Saturn were students of Chiron for example.

Chiron represents a bridge and a synthesis between something broken in life to something to be mended. Guess when that something gets special attention and mending? Yes, it occurs around the ages of 50-51. Chiron takes that long to go around the wheel and return to where it was at each birth.

It is thought that Chiron represents a re-awakening of shamanism and the spirit’s journey to the underworld so that healing can occur. It is as if we must re-experience some wounding or cause of spiritual emotional or physical disease in order to retrieve the scattered parts of our soul. So, those events that may occur to people at age 50-51 are meant to help retrieve the scattered parts of their psyche. No wonder things do happen during this year. How else will people stop and look at themselves if they don’t have major events occurring?


Essential Oils for colds and flu season

If you have t-tree oil and begin to use it at the onset of a cold or flu you may not have to worry about the other oils appropriate to use such as Euculyptus, hyssop, ravensara, niaouli, and thyme.

Users of Vioxx, Celebrex, etc. may be switching to essential oils – at least that is the opinion of this writer. Here are some excellent possibilities for help with anti-inflammatory conditions, and also assisting the movement of joints – birch, clary sage, coriander, eucalyptus, frankincense, helichrysum, lavender, patchouli, sandalwood, spruce and tarragon are among the many possibilities. Please be sure to check with your aromatherapist to choose the right essential oils for your particular condition.

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