Current Planetary Influences

Planetary Highlights for July and August 2024

Happy Summer!! Please be careful of the heating up planet and keep cool, drink cooling liquids, and eat cooling foods. Watermelon, cucumbers, blueberries, etc. come to mind. Enjoy the outdoors whenever you can and soak up the benefits of being with Mother Nature – the planets are guiding each of us to be mindful of our relationships with family, with friends and colleagues and neighbors during the summer. Think of ways to reach out to all beings in your community and you will be in alignment with summer planetary influences.

   The planetary energies of July seem intense but in a good way providing each of us a pathway to accomplish goals and to go forward in our lives. However, August has intensity in ways that could influence us to be less capable of getting those goals met, especially with Mercury retrograde in August.

  In either case – I see an inner struggle to overcome the outer world’s influences. These months can produce an opportune timing to practice and cultivate inner discipline. Remember, when you have doubts about your potential accomplishments, you are probably experiencing an opportune timing to ask for help – even if it means help from your inner guides and your higher self, or your close friend, and/ or your neighbor. Find ways to reach out to neighbors and this will continue to bring much benefit back to you.

Mars is conjunct Uranus in July; sextile Mercury for first part of July; then begins a square to Mercury around the Full Moon of July through to the New Moon in August and then Mars creates a t-square with Saturn and Mercury around the Full Moon in August – Jupiter and Pluto are in a Trine for the next 2 months

 All planets are basically neutral (there are no bad or good planets) however, Mars can activate high drama and excitement when in squares and when in sextiles we have an opportune timing to move forward with goals and aspirations. The conjunction with Uranus influences anger and impulsive behavior. The conjunction with Uranus can influence hot temperatures of all kinds.

Uranus and Neptune are in a Sextile for the next 2 months

 This is an interesting combination that could influence creativity and a flourishing of imaginative explorations in natural sciences, film, and technology. In the beginning of July take advantage of the sextile and improve relationships through communications and anything you have thought you needed a “better time” to do a certain task that involves computers and technology as well as communications – try the beginning of July over the later part of the month or in August.

Retrograde planetary influences

 Retrograde motion is when the planets go so slowly in their orbits that it appears to the other planets moving normally, as if they are going in reverse direction. Overall, retrograde motion tends to slow things down in the areas that the retrograde planet rules.

 Pluto continues to be in retrograde motion throughout July and August (Starting back on May 2, at 2 degrees Aquarius and went back to 1 degree Aquarius for upcoming months).  This provides time for inner awareness and insights about what to clear away and release from life. This cycle of retrograde continues throughout the summer months into early fall. It may feel heavy or challenging with outer events but with inner reflections we can see what we need to do to lighten and brighten our lives.

 Saturn, Neptune, Ceres, and Pluto are all retrograde in July which can affect mood swings and inner dark thoughts, but this could also promote effort toward discipline and hard work (Saturn retrograde) in learning how to live with acceptance of what are the realities and truths of the moment (Pluto). Neptune and Ceres retrograde could influence confusion and a review of what nurtures the soul the most.

Mercury is retrograde in August from the 5th to the 28th
Reviewing and clearing and releasing thoughts that are cluttering the mind are paramount. Cleaning out refrigerators is always a good activity during this time frame but also think about what triggers your defensive self (ego) and clear away those triggers.

Chiron is at 23 degrees Aries throughout the month of July and August
          Check to see if Chiron is conjunct any of your Aries planets. This could accelerate healing work with your eyes, skin, and brain. Or perhaps you will find a better understanding of your heritage or your relationships. No matter where Chiron is transiting you feel an opportunity to heal, to learn and to bring wholeness to you. Oh, but remember to work through the obstacles that might be part of the learning experience.

July and August MOON EVENTS (Tropical Astrology)
          Overall, the Moon is the closest planetary influence to the Earth and it makes sense that the movements of the Moon in relationship to the Earth will affect all living matter on the earth.

MOON VOID of COURSE – I am noting only a few days when the Moon is void of course for long periods of time. If you are traveling and would like to know the best time for travel, please contact me for more specific information.         

  It is easy to lose things during moon void of course days. These dates are not the best dates for elective surgeries either. However, these dates are great for healing sessions, meditation, writing poetry and creative expression. All times entered below are in MOUNTAIN Daylight Saving Time

July 13 – 4:50 PM to 8:54 AM the next day; July 26 – 4:16 PM to 11:24 AM the next day; August 9 – 3:46 PM to 4:35 PM the next day; August 23 – 6:45 AM to 6:01 PM the next day; (That’s a 2 day long void of course!!)

July 5 – New Moon (14 degrees Cancer)

  With this Cancer Moon out-of-bounds you are guided to be extra inventive and creative and accepting of your inner wild child. Yet, beware of other “wild children” and stay safe. Sometimes being with your inner wild child is all about being in your inner zone of creativity. That might seem at odds with the social side of this Moon, but it is important. The Moon is in a trine (harmony) with Saturn which indicates you can accomplish a lot with inner discipline and purpose. Think of this day as a new beginning for what comes next in your life and have a wonderful day.

July 12 – Moon at Apogee – (in Virgo)- the Lunar apogee is like a waning Moon phase when the energy is contracting, and the Moon is farthest from the earth. This is a great day to do breathing exercises and to find new ways to bring benefit to the earth and all animals.

July 13 – First Quarter Moon (22 degrees Libra)

 Friday the 13th - Take steps forward in life that inspire you as well as others to be free of inner constraints and obstacles brought up in life.

July 21 - Full Moon (29 degrees Capricorn)This Full Moon is also out-of-bounds and conjunct with Pluto which could influence emotional out-bursts that cause upheaval and unhappiness. Maintain balance and calm throughout this challenging day. Take time to nurture your soul and be with those you love and feel safe with.

July 23 to August 22 - Sun is in Leo –
          This is the time of the year for exploration of what inspires you to be the inventive and creative being you truly are. Reflect on your early life and what were your dreams about your future life then? I recall a young 5-year old telling me (after I said to his parents that he had the chart of a writer) – “no way, I’m going to be Spider Man when I grow up.” Before he fully grew up, he began composing music with very little musical training and was accepted into a University School of Music. The key word for Leo is to be your authentic self – whatever that might be.

July 24 - Moon at Perigee – when Moon is closest to the earth, we tend to feel more emotional than on other days. The moon rules the movement of tidal water, but also in our bodies (since we are about 60% water) – so, clearing away excess water is advised.

July 28 – Last Quarter Moon (5 degrees Taurus)
at the end of the lunar cycle it is a good time to finish up projects and to make room for new beginnings with the New Moon coming up soon. ase when the energy is contracting, and the Moon is farthest from the earth. This is a great day to do breathing exercises and to find new ways to bring benefit to the earth and all animals. 

August 4 – New Moon (12 degrees Leo)

  This Moon is about taking initiative with your heart, with your courageous soul and your loving nature. You are in harmony with your spiritual path and in alignment with your “higher self” when you sit and contemplate and review what is the nature of your life. The YOD with Pluto, Neptune and Venus/Mercury will guide you to making healing changes in your life..

August 9 – Moon at Apogee
The Lunar apogee is like a waning Moon phase when the energy is contracting, and the Moon is farthest from the earth. This is a great day to be mindful about your impact on others through your speech and actions.

August 12 - First Quarter Moon (20 degrees Scorpio)
This first quarter Moon is all about setting intentions and starting new beginnings. Mars and Jupiter are conjunct today and that could influence opportunities that you didn’t know were there for you to consider.

August 19 – Full Moon (27-degree Aquarius)
          This Full Moon is part of a T-square with Jupiter/Mars and Mercury/Sun. This influences an emotional awareness of what causes people to act in ways that block progress in beneficial social interactions. This is an exhausting day with a lot of potential for feeling overwhelmed. Guidance says to rest and trust that your life has purpose and meaning. Live according to your values – especially today!!

August 21 – Moon at Perigee - when Moon is closest to the earth, we tend to feel more emotional than on other days. Be aware that you might feel like escaping into a “better” mood by over-indulging today. Maintain balance.

August 23 – September 22 - Sun is in Virgo (Fall Equinox on September 22)

     At this time of the year, we are beginning to see what to harvest from summer’s garden and our summer activities. It is a time to begin clearing and re-viewing. It is also a time for social interactions and to improve relationships. It’s a good time of the year to make new health regimes and to enjoy time with your pets. Overall, though – this is a time for social justice to be expressed.

August 23 and 24 – Moon is void of course from 6:46 AM August 23 to 6:01 PM August 24 – pay attention to details and I don’t recommend road-trips or other long travel trips starting on these days.

August 25 – Last Quarter Moon (3 degrees Gemini) Today is energetically a beneficial day for assisting those who are less fortunate and those who are unable to speak for themselves.   

Thanks for visiting – enjoy Summer !! see you again in the Fall











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