Current Planetary Influences


Planetary Highlights for September and October 2021

    So much is happening in everyone’s lives these days it is important to find the needle in the haystack and focus on what is most important in each moment.

    September and October are usually months filled with busy activities preparing for the upcoming winter. An abundance of energy is going to be felt throughout September. Creativity could blossom, even during the Mercury retrograde period.

    In October, take time for reflection and memories. Balance your inner and personal with the outer world. Lean into problems and ease into harmony while adjusting to new perspectives and arrangements. With Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto going Direct governments and other social institutions are influenced to make shifts. Maybe there will be a 360-degree shift for some institutions. Hopefully, the shifts will be beneficial for all beings and the planet earth.

Outer Planetary Influences – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus,
Neptune, and Pluto

   What a mess we humans have made here on earth!  We have only ourselves to blame because it seems as if the planets are screaming at us to behave!

   The outer planets are about the collective consciousness. Astrology identifies these outer planets as the transpersonal aspect of self. These planetary influences bring external events and experiences that teach us and/or change us in some way.

   Jupiter and Saturn are concerned with social consciousness and the beliefs and rules or governance of society. Jupiter, the largest planet of the zodiac is all about expansion and beneficial potential; however, Jupiter can over-do and influence arrogance and egotism that encourages elitism. Jupiter on the highest vibration is about the greater good for all and seeing that no one is left behind; no one is greater or better than another. This is the planetary influence that rules parts of society such as governments, religion, education, health, and corporations. Jupiter is kind of the democratic aspect of the outer planets because Jupiter is concerned with getting consensus with beliefs and ideas.

   Saturn on the other hand is much more concerned with rules and order such as the justice systems of the world. Saturn is the opposite of Jupiter in that Saturn has limiting and restricting influences. Saturn at the highest vibration guides us to take responsibility and to work hard toward learning and achieving. Saturn can elevate discipline into accomplishment. The poisons of Saturn are jealousy and the tendency to compare self to others. Frustration can build when Saturn is out of balance and without patience, discipline, honesty, and responsibility.

   Both planets are currently in the sign of Aquarius, the sign of humanitarianism. Both planets are guiding each of us to be exploring our humane response to life here on Earth. Are we there yet?

   These planetary influences in Aquarius are all about freeing up society’s beliefs while not experiencing limiting rules. We must find ways to allow all points of view and all walks of life to come together. This normally happens when there are natural disasters. When there are so many natural and human made disasters occurring simultaneously, we are splintered or fragmented from a central cause of all humanity – to treat each being as if it were your parent or child.  

   Uranus remains retrograde during the next 2 months and continues to be in a square with Saturn. In this case Saturn represents the adult and Uranus represents the youth in society. The square influences a stalemate like influence that sets us up to think the way out is to give up rather than to think out of the box. There is always another way to do things.

   Neptune also remains retrograde during the next 2 months. The trend with Neptune is to dissolve addictive and grasping or illusionary perspectives in the collective unconscious. This could mean that what acts as hidden prejudice is often highlighted in media. The media acts as a mirror of this planetary influence. It is a time for the collective to explore and edit out the illusions. On the highest vibration, Neptune is about discerning and making healthy choices.

   Pluto goes Direct on October 6 with the New Moon and from that time onward to February 2022 there will be many transformations here in the USA in preparation for USA’s Pluto return – starting exact in the first week of February.

   The way Pluto works in transit is that first there is something hidden that gets revealed and seen. Next, there is the clearing away of the root of the problem. When one sees the truth and doesn’t deny, pretend, or project the problem onto others major shifts and transformations can occur. This planetary influence can cleanse and purify what is most rotten in the core of America. There is really no option here – either we see the truth and do what must be done or we fall prey to greater perils. If we don’t see the truth, we get the rug pulled out from under us and fall. Ultimately, we transform as a result of the fall or facing the truth.

September and October MOON EVENTS (Tropical Astrology)

  Overall, the Moon is the closest planetary influence to Earth and it makes sense that the movements of the Moon in relationship to the Earth will affect all living matter on the earth.

MOON VOID of COURSE –on the following dates the Moon will be void of course for several hours and it is recommended to take care that you might be less focused with details. It is easy to lose things during moon void of course days. These dates are not the best dates for elective surgeries either. However, these dates are great for healing sessions, meditation, writing poetry and creative expression. All times entered below are in MDT (MOUNTAIN TIME):†††††††††††

September 5 - 7:23 to 4:207 PM; Sep 7 – 12:25 to 8:22 PM; Sep 16 – AM til 12:24 PM; Sep 18 – from all AM to 1:24 PM; Sep 25 – 6:10 AM to 5:38 PM; Sep 30 – 7:50 AM to 5:55 PM.  October 2 - 4:44 PM to 1:39 AM next day; Oct 11 – early AM to 10:16 AM; Oct 13 – AM to 1:48 PM; Oct 15 –all day; Oct 17 – 4:25 PM to 3:05 AM next day; Oct 20 – 7:58 AM to 1 PM; Oct 22 – 1:36 PM to all night; Oct 25 – 7:12 AM to 2:01 PM; Oct 30 AM to 11:11 AM

September 6 – New Moon (14 degrees Virgo 5:53 PM MDT)

     What stands out on this day are the many trines including a Grand Air Trine with Saturn, Mercury, and North Node. Pluto is in a trine to Mars and Sun also. And Jupiter is trine Venus. At the time of writing this I would have loved to feel those trines.

    The opportunity to learn (Saturn) and to speak with kindness and compassion (Mercury, North Node and Venus) is available to all. Truth is seen when not ignored (Pluto square Venus and sextile Neptune). Illusions (Neptune opposite Mars, Sun, and Moon) are illuminated.

September 11 – Moon at Perigee (an infamous day)

     The Moon at Perigee is when the Moon is closest to the earth and is like a building or waxing time of the Moon. Inner transformation is part of the influence. This is an excellent day for meditation and quiet work on self.

September 13 – First Quarter Moon – (21 degrees Sagittarius)

     Take steps forward with friendships and aspirations. Pay special attention to your perspective and view.

September 20 – Full Moon (28 degrees Pisces

     Another Grand Air Trine with Saturn, Sun/Mars and North Node gives each of us another opportunity to learn and study and explore new understandings. The opposition between Neptune and Sun/Mars is part of this Moon Day but in addition, Neptune is conjunct the Moon. So, it is easier to fall into illusions rather than seeing what is real. The T-square with Venus, Uranus and Saturn is likely to influence harsh differences of views and values.

   Face the truth of what is impermanent and what is over. Work toward harmony with all factions of thought and beliefs. Thought and ideas have energy, but they donít have to be held onto tightly. Let go what is no longer serving you.

September 22 – Sun enters Libra (12:22 PM MDT)

   This a time for balance and healing. It is a time for relating and exploring relationships of all kinds – from personal to professional. Other relationships such as in philosophies and the arts are highlighted during this time.

September 26 – Moon at Apogee

   The Lunar apogee is like a waning Moon phase when the energy is contracting, and the Moon is farthest from the earth. One day before Mercury goes retrograde is really an important day to be mindful and skillful with speech and activities.

September 27 – Mercury goes Retrograde until October 18

   This retrograde cycle has the signature of Libra and adds weight in relationships of all kinds. Finding balance and editing out what no longer serves you are highlighted during the cycle.

September 28 – last quarter Moon (6 degrees cancer) 6:58 PM MDT

     Themes of letting go are not easy but appropriate right now. Evaluate what needs to be released and what is best to hold onto. Kindness goes with every action.

October 6 – New Moon (4:07 AM MDT 13 degrees Libra)
                Pluto goes Direct 

  With Pluto stationed direct later this day the tone of this day is to be reflective with some reserve. This is a day to adjust your view and beliefs. It is a day to heal and harmonize with those you love and care about. It is a day to see what the truth is. Harmonize with what is real and meaningful.

    The challenges of this day are many when you realize you canít have everything the way you want it. However, as you adjust to the changes you transform.

October 8 – Moon at Perigee

     The Moon at Perigee is when the Moon is closest to the earth and is like a building or waxing time of the Moon. The outlook is good for spiritual awareness. Extra time spent meditating or doing Yoga or other such activities is recommended.

October 11 – Saturn goes Direct

     Saturn in Aquarius is in harmony with the Sun, Mars and Mercury will help advance science, health and learning of all kinds. Spend a little bit of this day learning something new. Define something that is meaningful to you and start a new regimen that takes discipline and structure. Is there a shadow to examine? Now is the time. Count your accomplishments.

October 13 – first quarter Moon (20 degrees Capricorn)

     This Moon is conjunct Pluto, and the moon is void of course until 1:45 PM MDT. Some actions are best made after the void of course. Other activities such as meditation, yoga and healing work are transformative during the void of course.

October 18 – Mercury and Jupiter go Direct

     So now 3 of the 5 outer planets are direct with Mercury. New ideas are emerging, and writers, entertainer, and artists of all kinds are encouraged to express your ideas. Your messages are beneficial and important.

October 20 – Full Moon (7:58 AM MDT 27 degrees Aries)

   With the Moon void of course in the morning hours until 1:00 PM MDT it is once again an excellent time for meditation and healing practices. Later in the day challenges could be met with an open mind to changes still happening.

    The Yod with Uranus, Venus and Mercury is likely to influence overall economy. While the t-square with Pluto, Moon and Sun/Mars is likely to influence frustration.

 Guidance is to let go of thoughts and feelings that interfere with the flow. Breathe in peace and breathe out peace. Imagine holding a bright jewel in the palm of your hand and be at one with the light of the jewel.

October 22 – Sun enters Scorpio (9:52 PM MDT)

     The last of the golden leaves are no longer on the branches. This is a time for releasing and letting go. It is a time for delving into challenging projects. It is a time for being aligned with your highest vibration or you could find yourself creating dramas that don’t need to occur. Live your life to the fullest and be the artist, the creator, the athlete, the entertainer, the transformer in all aspects of your life. Be conscious of when you are hiding the truth from yourself and others. Celebrate what gives you contentment.

October 24 – Moon at Apogee

     The Lunar apogee is like a waning Moon phase when the energy is contracting, and the Moon is farthest from the earth. Today is a good day for resting the mind and idle chatter.

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