Current Planetary Influences


Planetary Highlights for March and April 2023

    The planetary energies of the upcoming months continue to be high energy with Mars out-of-bounds throughout the next 2 months. This high energy could be physical as well as mental. We saw high levels of anger and hatred in past 2 months which could continue to erupt in upcoming months; however, there is some hope for healing the widespread contempt and hatred with Jupiter conjunct Venus in the beginning of March. I say this also because of the many sextiles with Saturn throughout the next 2 months. This could mean that we will learn from our attitudes and experiences that we have serious problems in society to address. These sextiles give us the opportunity to be wiser and mature. (This sounds utopic but possible.)    

    The planets are also lined-up in large clusters of conjunctions starting around the New Moon of March through all of April. This adds a feeling of intensity and focus. The key is to be aware of what your focus is about. A lot can be accomplished and starting new projects is always good for a time of focus.

 Many Planets in Aries

 With many planets in Aries the first step toward awareness and remaining focused is to listen. Otherwise, we tend to think too far ahead and forget to remain in the NOW.

 The second step toward remaining focused is to respond and take actions in steps rather than leaps.

 It is also noteworthy that all planets are moving Direct motion in March, but Mercury does go Retrograde in April. Stay positive and be with your wisdom self!!

    Guidance shares a meditation for my readers: Breathe deeply and slowly with in-breaths and hold for a few seconds (count to 8 or think a mantra such I am bringing in the Light of All That Is) – while breathing in feel warm and bright golden sparkling rays of Light beaming into your very center, into the very center of every muscle, every cell and nerve – and then with the out-breaths send out rays of sparkling sunshine to others (animals and people) – first, to those in your life and then throughout your community and then the world.

  If you do this when confronted with various emotions and moods that keep you from being focused on your highest potential and vibration you will be helping yourself and others.

Sometimes, your focus will be to confront a situation or problem and so this meditation is not to pretend that the conflict or problem doesn’t exist, this meditation is provided to assist clearing away the distractions so that you can be most skillful and capable of resolving the conflict.

OUT-OF-BOUNDS is a great term for what happens with the planets from time to time. If you were standing on the equator and looking up above, you would see most of the planets within 23 degrees north or south of the equator. There might be a planet outside this parameter and if so, it is called out-of-bounds. In other words, it is free from being in the pact and doing what is traditional. It is also a bit wild and could have unexpected qualities to its nature. I liken the out-of-bounds planets as if they have conjunctions with planet Uranus. There are many positive and some not so positive qualities of the out-of-bounds planets.  

   If you are born with an out-of-bounds planet, you might feel that you don’t always fit in with the group. This is exactly what is your truth. Don’t try to fit in and instead be your hypersensitive or extra aware or uniquely creative or mystical self. That’s your true nature. Astrology helps us to see and define what is the natural expression of ourselves and our culture. Some of us are not meant to follow the norms and others are more inclined to do so.

Mars out-of-bounds

 In March Mars will still be in Gemini highlighting communication systems, Ai chat, and social media. In April there are new themes with Mars in Cancer. This influences people to take care of others and to want families, women, and children to be safe and secure. So, we might see more rallies for Women’s right to choose as well as the opposite.

 The shadow of the Cancer Mars-out-bounds is being controlling and fearful of not having control. It is about pushing your ideas onto others or being righteous and demanding. It kind of reminds me of a Billy goat who charges everyone away or into a corner.

 Reflect on the shadow as a part of our consciousness that we don’t see in ourselves but in the actions of others. So, if you would like to ram some idea down the throats of others then you are facing your Mars in Cancer shadow.

 On the other hand, conflicts with Shadow energy can be productive as long as you can remain open and curious as to how you got here or how did the other person get here.

Venus out-of-bounds

 Venus will be out-of-bounds in Gemini the last couple of weeks of April signifying a time when social media is once again highlighted. It is also a time for personal awareness of how elitism exists in our consciousness which could be the shadow influence.

 It is a time to connect with our aspirations of the highest nature – to save the lives of others, to make a difference in the world and to bring about peace in our lives and in the lives of others. In the Dharma of Buddhism there is the term “Bodhicitta” which is generating heart energy and empathy toward all beings, as well as being dedicated to helping others find enlightenment and freedom from suffering.

I feel that this is what Venus out-of-bounds is about from its highest vibration. May we all feel this vibrational energy of Venus.It is a time to connect with our aspirations of the highest nature – to save the lives of others, to make a difference in the world and to bring about peace in our lives and in the lives of others.

March and April MOON EVENTS (Tropical Astrology)

  Overall, the Moon is the closest planetary influence to Earth and it makes sense that the movements of the Moon in relationship to the Earth will affect all living matter on the earth.

MOON VOID of COURSE –on the following dates the Moon will be void of course for several hours and it is recommended to take care that you might be less focused with details. There are other times in the day that the Moon is void of course but for very short time. Early AM hours are not included.

     It is easy to lose things during moon void of course days. These dates are not the best dates for elective surgeries either. However, these dates are great for healing sessions, meditation, writing poetry and creative expression. All times entered below are in MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME.

In March there is only 1 day that the void of course will last longer than 1 hour or occur during waking hours which is Mar 30 from 6:47 AM to 3:32 PM; April 4 – 6:51 AM to 2:52 PM; April 6 – 5:44 AM to 11:30 PM; April 13 – 7:15 to 1:43 PM; April 15 – 8:15 AM to 3:58 PM; April 17 – 11:58 AM to 6:10 PM; April 24 – 5:16 AM to 12:00 noon; April 26 – 4:42 PM to11:31 PM; April 29 – all morning until 12 noon.

Chiron is from 13 -16 degrees Aries throughout the month of March and April

    Check to see if this is conjunct any of your Aries planets. This could accelerate healing work with your eyes, skin, and brain. Or, perhaps you will find better understanding of your heritage or your relationships. No matter where Chiron is transiting you feel an opportunity to heal, to learn and to bring wholeness to you. Oh, but remember to work through the obstacles that might be part of the learning experience.

March 3 – Moon at Apogee –

    The Lunar apogee is like a waning Moon phase when the energy is contracting, and the Moon is farthest from the earth. Take time for a mini nap today. Think about what takes courage in your life and when you have been courageous and when fears held you back. Open your heart to those who are less fortunate.

March 7 – Full Moon (16 degrees Virgo) (the full Worm Moon – signaling the time when the ground begins to thaw, and the earthworm appears)

   This Virgo Full Moon has intention and strength and purpose but it is also a day to get easily overwhelmed. It is a day to relax and recoup your energies. The next couple of days will feel equally intense but then there is relief and opportunity to overcome major obstacles in life.

March 15 – last quarter Moon (24 degrees Sagittarius)

 Explore and release emotions that have been building today. It’s a good time to celebrate what you have accomplished and what you are about to achieve. Your philosophical self is budding, and you will want to write or teach today.

March 19 – Moon at Perigee (Aquarius)

    The Moon at Perigee is when the Moon is closest to the earth, and it makes the Moon seem extra-large. Make a change in some habit or routine and find a new way of doing things. Free up your life while making changes.

March 20 – Sun enters Aries – Happy Spring -

     This is the time of the year when the Blue Bird sings at your window and at your heart. It is a time to be venturous and happy about the prospects of a new day, a new season, and a new project.

March 21 – New Moon (0 degrees Aires)

     This New Moon is all about finding what is nourishing to self and highlighting your inner child and your inner voice. Joining with others to find ways to bring peace and beauty into the world is part of the guidance of the planetary energies today and for the next few days.

March 29 - First Quarter Moon – (8 degrees Cancer)

     Take steps forward in life that fulfills and nurtures you. .

March 31 – Moon at Apogee – (Leo)

    The Lunar apogee is like a waning Moon phase when the energy is contracting, and the Moon is farthest from the earth. You can be entertaining while taking on leadership roles.

April 5 - Full Moon (16 degrees Libra) (called the Full Pink Moon – named for the earliest widespread flowers of the spring (moss pink or wild ground phlox))

    This Full Moon has 5 sextiles as well as sextiles from the part-of-fortune for the Mountain Daylight Time zone. These sextiles provide all of us with an opportune timing to express our vision for a better future and for all of us to bring helpful actions and deeds.

 This is a great day to focus on finding ways to utilize your gifts and talents for the benefit of others.

April 13 - Last Quarter Moon (Libra)

     This last quarter Moon is all about letting go. Today is not the greatest day to have high expectations of self and others. Perhaps, letting go of expectations will be best. Also, let the energy of upcoming days fill your heart with love – love of self and others brings kindness into the world..

April 16 - Moon at Perigee (Pisces)

     The Moon at Perigee is when the Moon is closest to the earth, and it makes the Moon seem extra-large. This is a great day for getting some healing work and to plant seeds in the ground.

April 19 – New Moon (29-degrees Aries) Total Solar Eclipse starts at 7:34 PM with maximum at 10:16 PM and ends April 20 at 1:31 AM (MDT)

     This New Moon is conjunct the North Node and Jupiter which expands and increases the potential of your ideas. It is at 29 degrees of Aries which feels like there is high intensity to get things done. Take your time, don’t rush, but do focus on actions that are transformational.

 This eclipse is significant and transformational. If you have a planet within 3 degrees of the 29 degrees of Aries, then you will be focused on that part of your astrology for the next 12 months.

April 20 – Sun enters Taurus

     This is a time of the year when being stubborn can be a good thing. It is a time to work hard and to put effort into living according to your values and to take time to be healthy. It is a time to enjoy the outdoors and the earth and all existence. Budding relationships can build strong loyalties.

April 21 – Mercury goes Retrograde until May 15

   This is a cycle that is going to work well with fixing things around the house and yard. Usually, this cycle is felt strongest a few days before, the day of and a few days after. Take your time, don’t rush and all will be fine. When you take your time, you will find errors to correct and edit – that’s all part of the cycle.

April 27 – First Quarter Moon – 7 degrees Leo

 Take steps forward in ways that lead others to follow. Your heart will guide you.

April 28 – Moon at Apogee (Leo)

 The Lunar apogee is like a waning Moon phase when the energy is contracting, and the Moon is farthest from the earth. You can be entertaining while taking on leadership roles.


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