Current Planetary Influences

MARCH 2018

    We begin this month with a Full Moon and have a 2nd Full Moon at the end of the month. This month starts out with forward motion energy to it with all planets moving direct. However by the 8th of the month Jupiter begins a retrograde cycle (this cycle continues until July 2018) which could influence a deja vu experience throughout the rest of the month. This could affect the economy and most social interactions on a global level. It may seem as though we have been here before with the economy but it truly is not a return to a previous experience.  

   Technically, Déjà vu is like a false memory -- it is a thought/feeling that the current situation has been experienced before, despite the fact that it has never been encountered before. Many people have experienced deja vu. One explanation for déjà vu is that there is a split-second delay in transferring information from one side of the brain to the other. One side of the brain would then get the information twice – once directly, and once from the 'in charge' side. So the person would sense that the event had happened before.

  Jupiter in retrograde provides a time for the populous and society to review social interactions amongst each other. It is a time for understanding and finding equanimity. From equanimity we share the wisdom that no one is better or lesser than another. Pride and ego expressions of grandeur are really the lowest vibrations of Jupiter. Great inequalities of power and wealth are definitely poisonous aspects of Jupiter.

   Jupiter rules social institutions such as higher education, legal matters, religion, banking, publishing, trade and travel. Most important it is about beliefs that are shared or not shared around the globe. Jupiter in retrograde is a time for corrections and review of these matters and so it is not a time for expansion but instead a time for focus on what is most important for the overall benefit of all peoples.

   Jupiter will be in a trine with Venus and Mercury in the beginning of the month and then later the trine will be with the Moon and Sun and then finally toward the end of the month there is a trine with Jupiter to Neptune. This is a time when concerns in society such as gun control or finding equanimity with immigration in US are likely to be reaching consensus. The cease fire in Syria might become a safer reality also. The planetary influences are strongly guiding us to speak our minds so that a vital and true consensus can be obtained for the overall benefit of all peoples. This is my prayer.

   On the subject of making changes I checked to see if the February Solar Eclipse affected the USA. In fact, this eclipse of February 15, 2018 was conjunct USA’s Aquarius Moon. And with Uranus in a sextile to the natal Moon and Mars this is an opportune timing for beneficial change for the United States this year. The effects of a Solar Eclipse continue for 1 year and will activate a focus where the eclipse is positioned in the chart.

    The Moon of any chart will be about the reflective aspect of the chart and how one copes with day-to-day matters. It is about emotions and feelings or needs. So, this is a time for the USA to be reflective on matters of the Moon – women, children, homes, and individual expression of freedom and fairness since it is in the sign of Aquarius.

   Most important the Aquarius Moon of the USA chart indicates that we as a collective want diversity and seek fairness for all walks of life and all races and cultures. In general the mood will be to gather information and to explore independence and freedom of thought and action. This Aquarius Moon is comfortable with change and movement toward freedom but might be resistant to responding to group or global consensus.

   It is as if there is the ideal of individuation and independence versus the common good and welfare for all. I feel that with the Jupiter retrograde and the sextile of Uranus to this sensitive part of the USA chart we will see some breaking up of the keen concern for individuation and move a little more toward what is best for the common good. Maybe I am a Pollyanna but putting a positive thought out into the collective has merit.

       We also have the cycle of Mercury Retrograde beginning right around the Spring equinox which could help society to review their relationships with their peers and colleagues. However, because Mercury will be in Aries for this cycle this is also a great time for reviewing inventions and new ventures.

   Overall, this month is a busy month and could have a lot of distractions while we are influenced to stay focused on what is most important. Would that be the DACA issue? Making some headway with gun control? Getting taxes done? Clearing house of unnecessary items? Choose a place to focus and this month will go well.

   With Aries energy we are inclined to think and be excited about doing new projects. Yet, I feel that the focus for each of us is to explore what is the price of freedom and individuation versus the good of all. I see this in play because of the transiting Jupiter in a trine to Venus and Mercury in the beginning of the month. We have a window of opportunity to stay focused and move forward while this aspect is dynamic - before the 17th of March. From the 17th of March on the chances for improvement grow dimmer.

   On a positive note, this is a great month for working with your dreams and pioneering ideas. The time is fertile for new beginnings.

   One thing is certain every minute counts. This is a time to release what doesn't serve you any longer and to engage in new ventures. It is a time to balance the practical with the ideal and honor what is sacred. Finally, it is a time to respond to life with positive and confident thoughts and actions.


    This month is another month with 2 full moons – called the “blue moon” so called because it occurs infrequently – even though we just had a blue moon in January.

  The following list of when moon is void of course is for waking hours and for at least 4 hours:

March 7 – Moon void/course from 1:56 AM to 3:04 PM MST

March 12 – Moon void/course from 9:37 AM to 4:46 PM MDT

March 17 – Moon void/course from 7:13 AM to 12:58 PM MDT

March 19– Moon void/course from 1:30 PM to 7:08 PM MDT

March 21 – Moon void/course in 11:22 AM to 11:31PM MDT

March 30 – Moon void/course early hours until 11:53 AM MDT

  On all of these times it is best to be extra conscious and centered with your activities – especially if driving a car or working with machinery of any kind. The void can be a positive time for healing sessions, practicing Yoga and meditation, reflecting and working with positive affirmations. This is generally not the best time to start something new or try learning something new. When the Moon is void of course it is not a time to start learning or doing something new. It is easy to forget your wallet, phone, purse or keys while the Moon is void of course. Take your time and be aware of hidden meanings and experiences.

March 1 – Full Moon at 5:52 PM MST

    This is a concentrated chart with the Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Venus and Chiron all in close proximity to each other in Pisces. The Virgo Moon is very important in this chart as it sits in opposition to the cluster of planets in Pisces. On this day the Moon is moving at a fairly quick pace and adds a charge to be out-spoken, opinionated and seeking the truth and what is real. No fairy tales please. Having hand-guns in schools in reality doesn’t deter people with automatic rifles. (That’s my opinion.) The key to this chart is that we will be talking and thinking about what is real and what is honest and what is best for all people.

   The Sabian Symbol for this chart is interestingly called “After the wedding, the groom snatches the veil away from the bride.” First, there is the blending (marriage) of the male and female and then the unveiling of the female suggesting that the masculine element acts as a balancing of the feminine nature (what is hidden). So, it is thought that this is about the unveiling of mysteries that have been protected by secrecy.

   My take on this symbol with this chart is that each of us has an opportune timing to look deep inside into our dreams and inner vision. This is a time to let the truth be spoken and to speak without fear. The balance of male and female powers must be wedded into equanimity and this is the goal for humanity.

March 6 – Mercury enters Aries; Venus enters Aries

    Mercury and Venus in Aries can be a fast moving forward action time. Mercury rules how we think, process information, communicate and also how we explore the psychology of our peers and society. With Mercury in Aries we are likely to have new developments of how technology really is running our lives these days.

   Venus is all about enjoyment of the senses and social encounters. Most important Venus is about our values and our self-image though. And with Venus in Aries there can be a strong connection with taking pioneering steps to express our values and truest principles. Go forward with your heart and passion!!

March 8 – Jupiter goes retrograde (9:47 PM MST) until July 10

    This is a time for global societies to work together toward better understanding and sharing of beliefs and ideals for the mutual benefit of all.  

March 11 – Moon at apogee and daylight savings begins here in USA

    The Lunar apogee is similar to a waning Moon phase when the energy is contracting and the Moon is farthest from the earth. People tend to feel more anxious with this phase because they are aware that there is less and less time to get things done. Be patient, be patient, be patient… stay centered and fill your heart with light. Take responsibility for your actions and be with peace.

March 17 – 26 degree Pisces New Moon – (7:13 AM MDT)

    The New Moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle and brings with it a sense of wonder and energy for renewal. This New Moon has a psyche drain© with the North Node to Mars and the Moon/Sun combination. This combination can feel overwhelming at times and the key to success is to reach for immediate goals rather than larger goals with this psyche drain combination. (Psyche drain is my own term for this triangle of 2 sesquiquadrates and 1 square. I have written about this previously and if you would like more information please contact me.) One step at a time is a theme for now.

    With Uranus in a trine to Mars since the beginning of the month we are at the junction of change with action. The quest is to save lives and to have peace in our hearts. Uranus can stir things up when mixed with Mars. Remember what the goal is and keep focused on healing and bringing peace into your life and the lives of others and all will work out well.

   The Sabian symbol for this Moon is titled “The harvest moon illumines a clear autumnal sky.” It is written that the light of fulfilment blesses work well done in Dane Rudhyar’s book An Astrological Mandala.

   My thoughts about this symbol are that when we see something outside of self and personal life we get clearer of how we are all interconnected. So, looking at a clear sky or a budding tree or flower is really important. Stop and breathe the fresh air and think about people who are living where this simple pleasure and freedom doesn’t exist. Fill up with gratitude and send those less fortunate healing prayers and whatever you can do to help.

March 20 - Sun enters Aries and this is the first day of Spring in Northern Hemisphere at 5:02 AM MDT

    The Sun in Aries is a great time for taking a chance at doing something new and creative. It is a time to venture out of our comfort zones and try out new things. True, with Mercury retrograde in just 2 days it might be also a time to reflect and review what avenues of new beginning to take. Think about how you can make your life better, think about how you can make your neighborhood a better place and think about how you can make the world better.

March 22 – Mercury is Retrograde starting at 6:20 PM MDT this day until April 15

  With this retrograde happening around tax preparations and filing I wonder if mistakes will be more likely – especially since there are new tax laws in effect. It is best to file before the station of Mercury Direct on the 15th if at all possible just in case. The actual stations on the 22nd of March and the 15th of April are when adjustments and errors are most likely.

March 24 – first quarter Moon in Cancer

  This is the time of the month when form emerges. We are in the waxing phase of the moon and are encouraged to take action. The key concept here is that there is tension between self and group. When tension is felt action is generally taken. Keep thinking that the tension is about creating the pearl – the pearl of wisdom and the pearl of merit. This is a time to be creative with ideas and take pioneering steps in your life. Overall, the most powerful power that we all have is to love – we start by having patience and total acceptance of self and others. Children, women, homes and animals are where the focus needs to be with the Cancer Moon.

March 26 – Moon at Perigee

    The Moon at Perigee is when the Moon is closest to the earth and is similar to a building or waxing time of the Moon.

March 31 – 2nd Full Moon (blue moon) at 6:38 AM MDT

   This full moon is vibrantly concerned with communications and making things more clear. There are choices to be made and there are many obstacles and attitudes that get in the way of doing what is best. I say this because of the multiple squares from Mars, Saturn and Pluto. This could be the time we see a square of Uranus and Pluto so that we can make the shifts in our collective society that is best for all concerned. This is an important day and time of the year.

   The Sabian Symbol for this Moon is titled “A professor peering over his classes at his students.” The keynote is titled “Problems attending the transmission of knowledge in a special cultural setup.” In Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala the explanation of this symbol is most interesting. The peering over his classes is a metaphor for looking above knowledge and seeing students simply as human beings. This symbol deals with the intellectual level of teaching of accumulated collective knowledge. (paraphrased)

   My thoughts are that we all are little professors and sometimes have to look beyond our knowledge or experience and see who are we relating with and see them from for who they are – not based on our personal experience but on their experience.

    Thanks for stopping by. See you next time..












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