Current Planetary Influences


     November brings us into wet and colder weather with holidays on the horizon. Usually we are inclined inward with reflection when the days are shorter and the skies are grey. This month could be about a healing and recovery of the events of the past month which caused much loss, pain and suffering to many. I know all of you have been doing what you can to help those who have suffered. I hope that healing and swift recovery will be possible for all. The following thoughts are what I feel the planetary energies might bring us in November.

    The Grand Fire Trine continues throughout this month and continues to offer us opportunity to be inspired and motivated to release negative thinking. However, it seems to also inspire and motivate what fuels reactive thinking. This is because Uranus and Saturn in a trine can activate the best and the worse. Trines make things easy and so the best or the worse is easily accessed.  

   Choosing and thinking about the impact of what is said and written is ultimately the goal with the North Node as part of the grand trine. Yet, we see how quickly and easily people do resort to over reactions. Will it be different in November? I hope so and the planetary energies do indicate that we can find wisdom and understanding with inner reflection. The path of the North Node is to head forward to a place of illumination and trust. Even though there could be distractions or illusions that get in the way of the path, the journey must go onward and upward.

  I have been guided to share a meditation to assist us to be on the path of our highest intention and purpose. This is a standing meditation with slight bent knees and if you know Tai Chi it is a Tai Chi stand – so shoulders are relaxed, stomach is relaxed, and knees are slightly bent. Arms are at side with elbows slightly bent and at the beginning of this meditation palms of hands are turned outward. This is the posture for releasing hurt, anger, pain, and worry. This is the release of thoughts that cause pain and worry. Send these thoughts out from the palms of the hands. Your hands could feel warm and that is an indication that energy is leaving your body and life. At the same time breathe in Great Healing Light from the All that Is and then release with breath what is not serving your highest potential and purpose.

   After you have done several (I was told to do at least 7) releases with breaths you can then turn your hands inward in a relaxed natural place by the side of your body. Now you take in the light and feel the vibration, the color and the warmth of the light opening up each of your chakras from the top to the bottom and then from the bottom to the top. Continue to do this circling of light and energy until there is total peace within.

   If you feel extra warmth at one of the chakras remain there with breaths and colors and healing light. Open each chakra to receive the colors and lights and as you breathe out send out the colors and lights to those you love and all sentient beings.

   Hopefully this meditation will help with calming the mind and heart. The planetary influences are going to help us with deeper understanding this month. I say this because we have Jupiter in Scorpio and conjunct the Sun in the beginning of the month and then conjunct Venus toward the end of the month. Jupiter is the great justice expander and can be about increasing and multiplying beneficial opportunities; or it can increase and multiply arrogance and ego. This is especially true with Jupiter in Scorpio. More important though, Jupiter is the ruler of beliefs and so a deepening of understanding of how beliefs bring us to global problems is possible. We must awaken and see what is behind the masks and veils of our egos and beliefs.

    Scorpio is all about transformation and not always about gentleness. Instead this is a time for scrutiny into the truth and speaking the truth. This is a time for awareness of how the ego is attached to duality and the struggle of them versus the “I”. As I wrote last month - Themes of fairness and justice where there might have been abuse and violence will reign during this time. Jupiter wants equality to be a major theme. Scorpio can be dark and about death and renewal. Scorpio is a powerful transformational agent. It is my view that we will look back on this time and see that the benefits of Jupiter in Scorpio are clearing away ego-centricity and nationalism while bringing people together all over the globe for common causes and common good.

    We will definitely look into the depths of current sexual harassment and begin to better understand that the culture of bullying of all kinds is not okay. Power exists in numbers (I am reminded of the Dr. Seuss book the “Horton Hears a Who”). 

       Jupiter wants to better understand the underbelly of Scorpio and on the darker side of Jupiter in Scorpio is misuse of power and sexual dynamics. In particular, the notion that one person can bully and somehow control another is no different than terroristic actions. Women and children are usually the ones who are bullied but anyone who appears to be a threat by virtue of being different could be targeted.

    People all over the globe are feeling urged to make changes and to move away from what seems to be the “establishment” or even the “norm.” This is the pull of Uranus to take a risk and to perhaps, go out of bounds without concern for the consequence of the action. This could be one reason why the stock market is doing so well for now. (People are willing to take risks.) A down trend in economy could be signaled when Uranus is once again square Pluto starting late November but strongest in February 2018. This might be when governments begin to work through factions that are prevalent currently. Shifts don’t happen without taking action. Squares create tension so that effort makes a difference. 

  Uranus will move into Taurus in May 2018 and that is when the square with Pluto will be complete. This square of Uranus and Pluto can act as a final shift for the many governmental power problems that seem to exist all over the world currently.  

   Looking on the brighter side of things with Mercury entering Sagittarius on the 5th of this month language will become highlighted. Mercury is the messenger of the Zodiac and in Sagittarius seeks ways to explore what is honest and what is not. This planetary influence can assist understanding of deep philosophical questions such as why people abuse and fear power. With Mercury in Sagittarius this month and next month (in retrograde) we might begin to unravel lies and partial truths once and for all.

   In alchemy Mercury is a transformational element. I think the alchemical goal to turn metal into gold is actually that the mind (ruled by Mercury) can generate enlightenment.

   The truth is planetary energies are influences. Each of us has a choice to make to remain true to our truest nature and purpose. The Planets are assisting us but it is up to each of us to stand tall and speak from our hearts.

   One thing is certain every minute counts. This is a time to release what doesn't serve you any longer and to engage in new ventures. It is a time to balance the practical with the ideal and honor what is sacred. Finally, it is a time to respond to life with positive and confident thoughts and actions.


    Overall, the Moon is void of course frequently but I only listed the dates when the void of course lasts for at least 4 hours during daytime hours.

    As a general rule, the moon goes void of course almost every other day but often for short intervals and during the night. It is a time to be centered and reflective. It is not a time to start learning or doing something new. It is easy to forget your wallet, purse or keys while the Moon is void of course.

November 3/4 – 11 degrees Taurus Full Moon – 11:24 PM MDT

    The Taurus Moon loves to be touched and nurtured and with it in a T-square with North Node, Jupiter and Sun, there could be some challenges in the area of loving kindness. Instead, a pugnacious nature might emerge. With effort and determination personal needs can be met with patience.

   There are many trines in this chart. Not only do we have the Grand Fire Trine with Uranus, Saturn and North Node but also we have Neptune in a trine to Sun and Jupiter. This could encourage universal principles to be expressed and shared for the benefit of all. Some universal principles that come to mind are the law of Divine Oneness - Everything in the Universe moves, vibrates and travels in circular patterns, the same principles of vibration in the physical world apply to our thoughts, feelings, desires and wills in the Etheric world.  Or, the non-aggression principle, which prohibits aggression, or the initiation of force or violence against another person, is a universal ethical principle. Finally there is the law of attraction which is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life.

    The Sabian Symbol of the Moon “A young couple window-shopping.” In this Sabian Symbol Dane Rudhyar writes in his An Astrological Mandala that “the ego becomes aware of what society has to offer. Its attention is turned outward.” There is, in fact, a fascination of what culture has to offer or what can be offered to culture. The couple in the metaphor is the blending of the female and the male ego.

    My thoughts on this symbol with the way the planetary energies are arranged are that people are surveying their options early as to what they can purchase and offer in the upcoming holidays. Perhaps the window shopping indicates that donations and helping those less fortunate will be one way to turn attention outward. Perhaps, another way is to explore new avenues of creative aspirations. Find positive and healing ways to express your outer self.

November 5 – Daylight savings ends; Mercury enters Sagittarius

    In the book the Secret Language of Birthdays by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers this day is “the day of actuality”. It is the day to debunk myths and expose lies or half-truths for what they are. Interestingly, this day is ruled by the number 5 and planet Mercury. So, this could begin a timeframe that will get us to the truth. Whether this be private or public it is important to remain open-minded and explore the many possibilities around each situation this month and next.         

NOVEMBER 6 – Gemini Moon at Perigee

    The Moon at Perigee is when the Moon is closest to the earth and is similar to a building or waxing time of the Moon. Communications are plentiful and important today. This Moon likes to gather information and to report facts as factually as possible. The benefits of doing so are long lasting.

November 7 – Venus enters Scorpio

  The Goddess of beauty and love reigns in Scorpio until December 2nd and will remind each of us of the truth that beauty lies beneath the skin. Our values and principles are extremely important and society will seek ways to release and purge what is unhealthy. The jaded will be seen for what motivates their actions.

November 13 – Moon void of course in afternoon starting at 12:46 PM MST

Meditation, Yoga, and quiet reflection bring peace of mind and healing. This could be a great day for a massage.

November 16 – the shadow of upcoming Mercury Retrograde begins

   Actions and activities for clearing up questions and problems are highlighted this retrograde cycle. Communications are most important.

November 18 – Scorpio New Moon – 4:43 AM MST and void of course in morning

   This chart includes the Grand Fire Trine of Uranus, Saturn and North Node; as well as many squares and a “kite”. As mentioned in last month’s column, a “kite” helps to bring about manifestation of ideas and goals. Also, Jupiter is conjunct Venus providing potential opportunity for enjoyment and expansion of social engagements. Jupiter with Venus is generally a happy combination and allows for people to share their values and beliefs in ways that is beneficial. When all else fails remember what brings you JOY.

   The hardest square of this chart is with Mars and Pluto and then Pluto with Uranus. We will have to get over an obstacle that is war-like and fuels anger, even though Mars is in Libra which is not a confrontational sign for Mars. So, the anger is fueled but perhaps not acted on (praying this is so). I think the “kite” will guide us to safe territory.

   The Sabian symbol for the Moon is “A military band marches nosily on through the city streets.” Rudhyar states that this is about “the aggressive glorification of cultural values.” This symbolizes the feeling of social unity binding individuals of a culture through collective pride. The keyword is “pomp”.

   My thoughts about this symbol are many but briefly I feel that the very prideful and nationalistic notions that are part of the global landscape right now are exactly what is causing upheaval and tribal behavior. Instead, there is the alternate route which is to be in harmony with nature and all that lives. The cultural values of being kind and loving to our neighbors could also reign and be what the parade is about. So, instead of aggression let’s choose wisdom and reverence for life.

NOVEMBER 21 – Moon at apogee -

    The Lunar apogee is similar to a waning Moon phase when the energy is contracting and the Moon is farthest from the earth. People tend to feel more anxious with this phase because they are aware that there is less and less time to get things done. Be patient, be patient, be patient… stay centered and fill your heart with light. Take responsibility for your actions and be with peace

November 22 – Neptune is stationary Direct

   This is a subtle planetary shift that is felt in the collective unconscious. Taking notice of dreams and visions are highly recommended. Take time for reflection even with the holiday so close. Neptune brings us Light and the muse that inspires each of us to be the romantic, the artist and the idealist we all are. Neptune opens our minds to altered consciousness and vibrations that are from the beyond.

November 22 – Sun enters Sagittarius through December 21

  During the time of Sagittarius we are in the busyness of holiday’s preparations and gatherings. It is a time to be gregarious, generous and loving. It is a time for philosophical thoughts and wondering. It is a time for embracing all institutions of society with equanimity. Fairness and justice for all is definitely a theme for this time of the year.

  November 23 – (U.S. Thanksgiving) Moon void of course all morning (until 1:15 MST)

  If you are a turkey person then you will want to have everything ready in preparation the night before and even make a list of what you need to do in the morning. The afternoon should be lovely to spend time with friends and family. Overall, prepare and plan for this void of course. Relax if you can.

  November 26 – First quarter Moon

  This is the time of the month when form emerges. We are in the waxing phase of the moon and are encouraged to do and take action. The key concept here is that there is tension between self and group. When tension is felt action is generally taken. Keep thinking that the tension is about creating the pearl – the pearl of wisdom and the pearl of merit. We are under the shadow of Mercury Retrograde and Neptune is conjunct today’s Moon. This should offer inspiration for clearing and healing. Take initiative with your musical and artistic nature. Take initiative with your spiritual and healing spirit.

  November 30 – Moon void of course from 11:38 AM to 1:39 PM MST

  So there could be hiccups around luncheon appointments or meetings but otherwise this is a beneficial day to communicate and share ideas with kindred spirits.

    Thanks for stopping by. See you next time.












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