Current Planetary Influences

JULY 2017

     This month will continue to have struggles and clashes between factions of governments all over the globe. When will there be the arising of consciousness that we must learn to live together in harmony and find ways to see each of us with similarities and understand the differences. Perhaps this will emerge eventually because of the continuation of the trine with Saturn and Uranus and the square between Jupiter and Pluto.

    The trine of Saturn and Uranus joins the North Node in a Grand Fire Trine on the July full moon. This could indicate that harmony can be reached between the conservatives (Saturn) and the progressives (Uranus). However, the polarity is so great that when opportunities for crossing the aisle and blending progressive and conservative ideals arise the opportunity is possibly shunned.  

  Trines are so full of hopeful potential and talent. I see it all the time in the charts of individuals and think about some of my piano students over time. Some who have so much talent that they can learn a piece in just a couple of practices; but alas, they are undisciplined and not motivated to really get the piece to greatness. They like things to be quick and easy. Thatís what they are used to. The trines in their charts make things easy and when it isnít easy they have little perseverance.

  With great patience on my part as their teacher I can encourage and motivate them to work on things that are not so easy and accomplish so much more than they started out. Saturn as a major player teaches us to be patient and to work hard. However, Saturn in trine to Uranus can be part of the problem as the easy way out could be the downside of this trine.

  Itís the students who are very motivated with maybe some talent who move ahead and become really great musicians. These students have squares and oppositions for sure. Famous people like Oprah or Ghandi are good examples of people with lots of squares who work and work through to accomplishment.

  Hopefully, when the US Senate is back in session on July 11 individuals will work together as a team and work across the aisle and find ways to improve healthcare legislation.  Will there be concern for making things equitable? When I look at the line-up of planets for that day I don’t see much chance for gaining consensus among the whole body of the Senate (Jupiter square Pluto and the Sun). There is the opportunity as there is each day for understanding and compassion. Squares do teach us to do things differently. So keep thinking positive. Squares can help us to have breakthroughs.

  Planetary polarities such as Mars opposing Pluto in the beginning of July and Saturn opposing Venus in the later part of the month suggest that anger about misuse of power (Mars and Pluto opposition) will be a major theme. Oppositions teach us to find the middle way or negotiate for something that works for both points of view.

    Venus opposing Saturn will influence concern for the vulnerable part of society. In this case Venus represents society and Saturn represents restrictions that could actually limit and obstruct justice. However, there is a chance, that the opposition will trigger a compromise that creates more fairness for all citizens.

    I think this is a month when each of us will stop and think about what we have taken for granted and what is dear enough to not take for granted. I think this is a month for each of us to look at our motivations for each action we take. If we are motivated by creating the greater good and bringing benefit into our world then we are on a courageous and spiritual path. 

       The external world is a constant reminder that there are so many lost souls and so many people controlled by motivations that are not for the greater good. The internal world of each of us is really the place to dwell and repair or reform and heal. From this inner work we gain strength and ability to join with others to do greater good.

    Let each event and moment act as a clear teaching moment. The songs of the birds, the gentle look of a child, the rushing of water and the new blossom of a flower can all be teaching moments. Looking into the eyes of an animal – a horse, a dog, a cat is a great teaching moment. They look back with keenness and knowing that is amazing. Practice daily what matters and let each moment be a teaching moment. 

   Currently the planetary influences are guiding us to make adjustments and space for new beginnings. Our most creative potential is empowered to be awakened with Uranus, Saturn and the North Node in a Grand Fire Trine all month. Let the highest potential of progressive and traditional ideas join in harmony for the greater good of all (spiritual well-being) says the North Node in Leo.

     This North Node connection all month is very important. The North Node in Leo is all about will and determination. It is a time for gathering strength and taking leadership. It is a time for gaining individual confidence and learning how to ascend to your highest potential. Leo North Node is about “Happiness is reached once principles are found to dedicate the life to.” (Karmic Astrology vol 1 by Martin Schulman). 

   The key to success during this time in the evolution of our consciousness is to be able to step into the shoes of the other person, the other ideas and other governments and find common ground so that peaceful and beneficial resolutions are accomplished. May it be so.

   One thing is certain every minute counts. This is a time to release what doesn't serve you any longer and to engage in new ventures. It is a time to balance the practical with the ideal and honor what is sacred. Finally, it is a time to respond to life with positive and confident thoughts and actions.


    Overall, the Moon is void of course frequently this month but I only listed the dates when the void of course lasts for at least 4 hours during daytime.

    As a general rule, the moon goes void of course almost every other day but often for short intervals and during the night. It is a time to be centered and reflective. It is not a time to start learning or doing something new. It is easy to forget your wallet, purse or keys while the Moon is void of course.

July 1 – first quarter Moon in Libra

   In this time of the Moon cycle we are influenced to put down roots and start new projects. Sometimes this is a time when we meet up with external crisis to resolve.

   The Libra signature teaches us to keep everything in balance. Not too much action and not too much sitting is a great reminder for this time. Fires in plant life and in our mental states will need cooling. Extinguish hatred and anger with dedication to the greater good..

July 2 - Moon void of course in AM until 11 AM MDT

    Be mindful and centered – you might feel as though you are forgetting something. The spacey feeling will go away but best suggestions for this time are to remain centered as well as reflective. Progress can be made by working intuitively. Meditate and access your muse – plan meetings in the afternoon.

July 6 – Venus enters Gemini and remains in this sign until the end of the month

    Venus in Gemini is like saying let’s get together and talk and talk. This is a time in the month to share your talents and skills with others. It is a great time to do research and to check out what your colleagues say and think. Words do matter. Enjoy writing and editing. 

July 6 – Moon at Apogee

    The Lunar apogee is similar to a waning Moon phase when the energy is contracting and the Moon is farthest from the earth. People tend to feel more anxious with this phase because they are aware that there is less and less time to get things done. Be patient, be patient, be patient… stay centered and fill your heart with light. Find inspiration in a book, amongst friends, and/or on the internet.        

July 7 – Mercury enters Leo until July 26

    Mercury in Leo has the potential of influencing leadership among artists and journalists. Overall, explore what others are saying and be inspired to make a contribution to society in your special way.

July 8 – Capricorn Full Moon 10:08 PM MDT

   This chart feels very organized and purposeful. There is power here but beware of misuse of power. I say this because of the Pluto/ Moon conjunction in opposition to Mars and Sun. Wow this is like a punch in the face. Yet, the opportunity here is for great transformation and increased awareness that consensus is vital.

    The T-square that is formed with Jupiter in a square to the Sun/Mars and Pluto/Moon is telling all of us all over the globe that we must not leave out individual voices; we must find a way to include everyone. Jupiter has to feel like it is included and with these squares Jupiter will be knocking on the doors and hearts of many to remind others what is just and fair.  

    There is also a Grand Fire Trine as mentioned above and this guides each of us to pay attention to what can be learned and what are the motivations for actions. Inspiration is necessary to motivate most of us. Cultivate your leadership skills and motivate others in whatever way you can and make the most of this Grand Fire Trine.

     I feel that the hard aspects that Venus has with the Moon and Pluto are pointing to a sincere concern for the welfare of those less fortunate in society and all over the world. This includes children and their grandparents.

    The Sabian symbol depicts “The Union Jack Flag Flying From a British Warship” and is reiterating potential themes of this chart by indicating that powerful forces can be at play. Dane Rudhyar says in his An Astrological Mandala “power is required to maintain social order and relatively peaceful interpersonal relationships; alas, this power can easily be misused under the pretext of preserving “law and order.” He goes on to say that political power has its value and its dangers.

    My thoughts are that the danger in the planetary influences of Pluto opposite the Mars is very forceful and can bring us into a major war-like conflict; however learning to work with all voices and finding a middle ground is the teaching of the symbolic meaning of this chart.

July 14 – Moon void of course from 11:02 AM to 5:53 PM MDT

    Work this afternoon might seem like you are on auto-pilot. Cancel meetings that might put you to sleep.

July 20 – Mars enters Leo

 Mars in Leo is a time for action and adventure; add color to your wardrobe and act.. Try a new hairstyle or enter a competition. Beware of tempers though. Mars in Leo can get very dramatic. Practice mindfulness and let go of the emotional charge with a breath.

July 21 – Moon at perigee

    The Moon at Perigee is when the Moon is closest to the earth and is similar to a building or waxing time of the Moon. Awareness of ambition and passion is awakened today.

July 22 – Sun enters Leo

   This is a time of the year when theatrics are the norm. Find ways to enjoy your out-going personality. The following are a few ideas for ultimate expression of Leo - Experience a new place and do new things. Reflect on things you fear and take steps to overcome your fears. Yes, find ways to be courageous and think about the Lion in the Wizard of Oz. 

July 23 – Leo New Moon – 3:47 AM MDT

    This speeding Leo New Moon is very goal directed with Mars conjunct. Thank goodness the opposition to Pluto is over. We have squares, one opposition and the Grand Fire Trine. That’s enough to make us aware of struggles and concerns along with opportunities. The opposition that is important is Saturn opposing Venus. So, the struggles of the Full Moon with the more vulnerable members of society (Venus) are still in a war with those who control the government (Saturn). 

    The New Moon is about new beginnings and there are themes of seeking to learn, to travel, and to experience. Projects get started but not necessarily completed easily. So, consider the practicality and reality of a project before starting. Yet, open your mind and heart to all possibilities. So balance the excitement of new beginnings with hard work and all will be as it should be.

    The Sabian Symbol reiterates my interpretation of this chart as it has the image of “Blood rushing to a man’s head as his vital energies are mobilized under the spur of ambition.” The idea here is that Leo is symbolized as fire rising from the heart to the head (mind). Dane Rudhyar says “this process is a potentially dangerous one.” After all if a man stands for a long time in tropical regions with no head covering he could get sunstroke. “The fire of the Sun can destroy as well as vivify.”

    My thoughts on this symbolic connection to the astrology of the New Moon is that we must modify or relax as we become more and more awakened and energized. It is as if we take 2 steps forward and then balance with 1 step backward.

July 26 – Mercury enters Virgo and is now in the shadow of Mercury Retrograde – coming up on August 13

    The next several weeks are very important times to edit, repair and reform. We begin to see what the retrograde is about. Solving problems can happen now and on through the retrograde time period. Don’t give up on humanitarian humanity. It does exist.

July 29 Ė Moon void of course from 3:31 PM on through the night

   This is a great afternoon and night to be writing, drawing or designing something to wear, etc.  A quiet night is recommended.

July 31 – Venus enters Cancer

    This is a time for sharing love with family, loved ones and your homes. Cancer rules the stomach and I think this is a great time to discover new recipes and new foods. Enjoy eating fresh food right from your garden or your neighborís garden.

    Thanks for stopping by. See you next time.











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