Midheaven: Public Life

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Astrology is depicted like a mandala with its 360 degree circle. In the center is home or "OM". Here is an invisible spot that acts as a unification of the whole individual or perhaps, the soul. The four directions of East, South, West, and North act as gateways to other manifestations of the individual.
The Midheaven Angle is the South gateway and leads the soul toward group and public action. It is about receiving a personal reputation, personal views about career, and public responsibilities. It can be about parental influences as well as being a parent. It is also about how an individual interacts with group or global beliefs. 
From this angle there is experience of the world. The common experience or the shared experience of others within the mainstream of life is emphasized. Thus, institutions, organizations, big business and government are often included in the experience of this angle.  Here is the world in the "palm of your hand" (William Blake) seen first as a grain of sand. Thus, there is the power to feel and experience how one is also many.
The power of this gateway is not separate from the power of the whole. However, in location astrology, statistics have shown that famous and very public people have strong planetary influences at this angle. Each planetary influence has its own nature. Thus, a MOON at the Midheaven could be about a writer or a healer. On the other hand, a MARS at the Midheaven could be about an athlete or movie star. 
Attachment to one planet and or angle is not the goal of location astrology. Instead, the goal of Astrology is to become aware of personal potential. Location Astrology is a way to improve sensitivity and awareness. With that awareness the greater cultivation and development of personal power and potential is then realized. Thus, to activate one part of the whole is to bring balance and accord with the whole. All mandala work is the work of a weaver and a synthesis of the whole.

May we all find the balance within our hearts and minds to respond with unity and truth for the greater good of humanity. 

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