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Traveling from one spot to another stirs a change in thoughts and responses. Astroinfinity is about movement. It is about the movement of each moment.

It is not just about astrology or metaphors or one personality. It is intended to explore the vast dimension of collective consciousness, as well as the consciousness of individuals. We are all interconnected by our consciousness.

I felt compelled to initiate the building of this site about 1 year ago. At that time I felt a movement within to reach out beyond my intimate connections with long-standing clientele. "Now is a window of time to open to a brighter or darker future" said an inner voice. 

The only way I know to bring us closer to a "brighter" future is to work from an individual awareness of purpose and direction in life. From that awareness we can move forward toward global awareness and a "brighter" future.

My logo has always been the "lemniscate" or the mathematical sign for infinity. I see it as a metaphor for the continuum of life. It represents transformation to me. 

We all live in a state of perpetual motion of creation. What if the creation of each moment was like a bell ringing true and clear? Not in hindsight, but in the moment. Each time we use a tool such as Astrology to understand and clarify purpose and direction we have the potential of becoming like the tone of a bell.

I am using a Mandala as a Navigation tool, as it represents the home of the whole psyche. Astrology is a link to ancient metaphors and traditions that provide us with evaluation and self-regulating possibilities to the psyche. The "lemniscate" guides us to the beyond, beyond of personal and global transformations where we can cultivate, honor and express wholeness.

Each direction of the Mandala corresponds with the 4 directions of the astrological wheel. The Ascendant is the rising of the planet at the horizon as in "sunrise." The Midheaven is the culmination of the planet at the middle of the day. The Descendant is the falling of the planet at the horizon as in "sunset." The IC (Imun Coeli) is the anti-culmination of the planet as in "midnight."

Maintaining and building this site is going to be a self-regulating and transformational event. So please check back often to see new additions and updates. Thanks for stopping by!

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